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. -rosa should have called by now. i hope mr. brashov is all right. perhaps our phone is not working. well, it was worth a try. hello ? it's rosa. - oh, good. - what ? what does she say ? what ? mr. brashov is all right. they say he's had a mild heart attack. they say he's out of danger. what's that, rosa ? she said that he's already argued with two of the nurses. yes, that is a good sign. not if you're one of those nurses. can we visit him tonight ? rosa, are visitors allowed tonight ? she says no visitors until tomorrow. well, rosa tell mr. brashov that we wish him well... and that we'll be by to see him tomorrow. okay, bye, rosa. i am surprised we cannot visit him tonight. when my uncle was sick back home, friends and family stayed with him all night. we even brought him his meals. well i'm glad we don't have that system here. - why ? - we could go broke keeping victor's stomach full. i'll see you all tomorrow. let's clean up, then go home and get some rest. i am telling you, nurse, i am feeling much better now, so if you don't mind i would ke ttur
't order this. they're from mr. brashov. rosa's famous coffee cake, on the house. that's very nice of you, but i'm afraid we can't accept it. oh, please, i insist. sorry, it's against department policy. oh. i can understand that. put it on our bill. i think my partner hasn't eaten in about a month. as you wish. i hope you will visit us often. mmm. you've got a deal. - hi, everybody. - aren't you supposed to be in school ? - i'm showing my grandparents where the bus stop is. - where are they going ? - to the senior citizens' center for flu shots. - that's a long bus ride. i know. my mother wanted me to go with them before school. i overslept. i don't have time. - do you think they'll be all right ? - yeah, i think so. - i'm giving them directions. - you're giving them directions ? yeah. plus, they've got a map. - nice to meet you. - hello. they don't speak much english. excuse me. i would like you to meet henry chang. you'll probably see him on his bicycle riding around making deliveries. henry, this is detective anderson. police. nice to meet you.
. what do you want ? i need something to eat. - rosa ! - yes ? make one of your special turkey sandwiches. now ! - you want a salad with that ? - oh, sure. - put a side of potato salad with that. - katherine, are you crazy ? - i just put everything away. - well, take it back out. i-- i just want-- just relax. no problem. your food will be right up. katherine. one turkey sandwich coming right up. what's going on ? - what's this, exercises ? - quiet, henry. oh. sorry. whatever you say. - wait a minute. what-- what are you doing ? - please, stay calm. - we'll give you whatever you want. - your food is almost ready. wait. i don't think you understand. no, no. please, please. i'm not holding you up. i just came in to see if you had any leftovers... that might be in the garbage. i think we mayay have behaved foolishly. you came in here acting like you had a gun and demanded food. it cold out there. i was just trying to keep my hands warm. mr. brashov, i really must leave. please go, and enjoy your trip. - good-bye, everyone. - have a nice trip. whdid
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3

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